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15 signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings


In astrology and relationships, Libra men are acknowledged for their attraction, aura, and ability to keep their emotions beneath wraps. in case you’re puzzled about whether a Libra man has emotions for you but is attempting to conceal them, you’ve come to the proper vicinity. in this complete manual, we’ll delve into the intricacies of a Libra’s behavior and decode the 15 signs of a Libra man trying to hide his feelings.

here are the 15 signs a Libra man trying to hide his feelings: read and enjoy


1. Meticulous Composure

Libra men are masters of composure. They frequently keep a peaceful and collected outside, making it hard to decipher their true emotions. If he consistently appears unruffled, it might be an indication that he’s concealing his emotions.

2. Polished Communication

These men are known for their excellent communication skills. However, if you notice that he’s become unusually reserved or hesitant in his conversations with you, it could be a sign that he’s guarding his feelings.

3. Avoidance of Personal Topics

Libra men tend to keep their personal lives private. If he consistently avoids discussing his emotions or personal matters with you, he may be concealing something deeper.

4. Excessive Politeness

Libras are naturally polite and considerate, but if they seem excessively polite or formal around you, it could be a way of keeping their feelings hidden.

signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings

5. Inconsistent Affection

A Libra man in love will show affection, but it might be inconsistent. He might shower you with attention one day and then become distant the next, leaving you puzzled.

6. Analytical Nature

Libras have a highly analytical nature. If he’s constantly overthinking or analyzing situations when you’re together, it could be a sign that he’s grappling with his emotions.

7. Unpredictable Mood Swings

While Libras are generally balanced individuals, when they’re hiding their feelings, they might exhibit unexpected mood swings. this is their way of coping with internal turmoil.

8. Reluctance to Commit

If a Libra man is avoiding making any commitments or plans with you, it could be because he’s unsure about revealing his true feelings.

9. Distancing Act

When a Libra man is trying to hide his emotions, he may create physical and emotional distance. This can manifest in canceling plans, being less available, or avoiding deep conversations.

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signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings

10. Increased Socializing

Libras are social beings, and when they’re concealing their feelings, they might increase their social interactions as a distraction from their emotions.

11. Vague Responses

If you find that he’s giving vague or evasive responses to questions about his feelings or the relationship, likely, that he’s not ready to open up.

12. Nonchalant Attitude

A Libra man hiding his emotions may adopt a nonchalant attitude towards the relationship. He might act as though everything is casual, even if his feelings run deep.

13. Defensive Behaviour

When questioned about his feelings, a Libra man might become defensive or deflect the conversation to avoid revealing too much.

14. Focus on Harmony

Libras value harmony and may avoid confrontations or emotional discussions to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

15. retaining secrets

ultimately, if you suspect he is preserving secrets or withholding statistics, it may be a sign that he’s concealing his authentic feelings.

signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings


In conclusion, knowing a Libra man’s hidden feelings can be a hard task due to their natural inclination closer to composure and balance. these ”15 signs a Libra man trying to hide his feelings” must function as a manual that will help you decipher whether he’s trying to conceal his feelings. remember the fact that every character is specific, and even as these signs can provide insights, open and sincere conversation is key to unlocking the facts approximately a Libra guy’s feelings.


Q1: Why do Libras hide their feelings?
A: Libras often hide their feelings due to their innate desire for balance and harmony. They fear that expressing extreme feelings may disrupt the equilibrium of their relationships or purpose war. They may also worry about being vulnerable and getting hurt, so they prefer to keep their emotions guarded.

Q2: How do you know if a Libra man is serious about you?
A: When a Libra man is serious about you, he will prioritize your needs and wants. he will engage in open and significant communication, make plans with you, and display regular affection. His actions will replicate an authentic commitment to the relationship.

Q3: How do Libras act when they have a crush?
A: Libras with a crush tend to be extra charming and attentive. They’ll go out of their way to spend time with the person they’re interested in, engage in thoughtful conversations, and even shower them with small gifts or gestures of kindness.

Q4: How do you tell if a Libra has feelings for you?
A: A Libra will show feelings by making an effort to spend time with you, engaging in meaningful conversations, and displaying affection. they may additionally be attentive to your needs and try to create a harmonious ecosystem while you’re together.

Q5: Do Libras admit their feelings?
A: Libras can be hesitant to admit their feelings, especially if they fear rejection or disruption in their relationships. However, with the right encouragement and a safe space for open communication, they can express their emotions honestly.

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signs a libra man trying to hide his feelings

Q6: What does a Libra man want in a wife?
A: A Libra man values a wife who shares his love for balance, harmony, and beauty. He seeks a partner who’s intellectually stimulating, emotionally supportive, and stocks his values. communication, trust, and mutual admiration are important in a wedding to a Libra guy.

Q7: What part of the Libra man is sensitive?
A: The emotional well-being of a Libra man can be sensitive. They are particularly affected by conflicts and disharmony in their relationships. in addition, they have a tendency to be sensitive to aesthetic and inventive matters, appreciating beauty in all its forms.

Q8: What is the love language of a Libra?
A: Libras often express love through acts of kindness and thoughtful gestures. They respect exceptional time spent together, undertaking significant conversations, and developing a harmonious environment. They also enjoy giving and receiving items that replicate their partner’s interests.

Q9: When does a Libra feel ignored?
A: When Libra feels ignored, they may become passive-aggressive or seek attention indirectly. They dislike conflict, so instead of confronting the issue, they may withdraw or become distant. it’s vital to communicate brazenly with them to deal with any feelings of forgetting.

Q10: What do Libras do when they fall in love?
A: When a Libra falls in love, they become deeply devoted and attentive to their partner. they may prioritize the relationship, engage in meaningful conversations, and display affection. they may additionally become greater devoted and keen to build a harmonious future collectively.

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